The Key to All Things Motorsport

Global Motorsport Association (GMA) is designed to support professional and amateur racers as well as high performance track day participants in the pursuit of their passion.

GMA was created by a group of people who are dedicated to promoting motorsport through knowledge and commitment with a view to enhancing industry standards. Those involved must now more than ever understand consumer needs and deliver products and services in a proper, professional and competitive manner while keeping as a priority the most important element: people.

GMA is the only association designed to service all forms and series of motorsports and high performance driving and offers its members access to unique opportunities and benefits to support their passion and enhance their motorsport experience whether it be cars, motorcycles or karts.


  • The industry’s best and longest running on-track physical damage insurance program.
  • Technical consulting from respected race and championship winning experts.
  • Driver coaching, training and track days for every performance level.
  • Consulting for a variety of commercial agreements such as sponsorship, race car rental and driver management.
  • On-line exchange of information and a marketplace for anyone seriously involved in motorsport.
  • Newsletter.
  • Discounts for travel.
  • Discounts on services and products from motorsports aftermarket.
  • Contingency prize money and awards.
  • Charities support.